About Skin Store

Working with science at the forefront, let us work with you to give you the skin, nature wants you to have...

Brought to you from our family of doctors, we are committed to bringing you the epitome of skincare solutions and dermatological products available internationally.

For your current skin type or condition, these world-renowned solutions are available to supplement and rejuvenate your skin cells, leading to a healthier and more rejuvenated you!

Beyond giving you a vibrant, youthful appearance, the wellbeing of your skin is the true glow of the Skin Store ®

Where we started

Starting in 2010, we brought South Africa a variety of medical solutions specific to hospitals, doctors and healthcare practitioners which are available to date in Mediclinic, Netcare and Life Healthcare hospital groups throughout South Africa and Namibia under the SpecMedSol umbrella.

Where it's going

Driven by a desire for authentic, pure and credible skincare solutions and aesthetic treatments, it became essential for us to bring cutting edge formulas that improve, enhance and work with our client’s natural microbiome.

Dr Ferreira, our aesthetic specialist and team of skincare therapists are here to work with you to ensure you receive the medical requirements for what your skin cells require.